GRB010222 observations from Nyrölä Observatory

This colour image of the GRB010222 Optical afterglow has been composed of three one hour exposures taken February 22/23, 2001 through B, V and R filters.

Copyright: Nyrola Observatory, 2001

Larger versions of the image

SUBJECT: GRB010222 Optical observations
DATE:    01/02/25 20:14:35 GMT
FROM:    Arto Oksanen at Nyrola Obs., Finland  <>

A. Oksanen, M. Moilanen, H. Hyvonen, R. Pasanen, and
P. Tikkanen of the Nyrola Observatory GRB team and
the AAVSO International GRB network, report:

We observed the optical transient for GRB010222 (GCN 961) with
the 0.4m telescope and ST7E CCD camera of the Nyrola
Observatory on the night of 010222/010223 UT. Observing conditions 
were quite good: sky was clear, but strong wind enlarged the star
images. Our preliminary untransformed BVR measures of the OT (GCN 961)
from that night, using Henden star A (GCN 967) as calibrated by 
Henden (GCN 987) for the comparison star, are as follows:

UT (mid)          mag   merr  Filter exposure(s) images
20010222.8227    19.84  0.31   B     12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010222.8744    19.57  0.13   Rc    12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010222.9187    19.70  0.13   V     12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010222.9661    19.69  0.15   Rc    12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010223.0134    19.92  0.14   V     12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010223.0628    19.92  0.17   Rc    12x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010223.1439    20.29  0.21   V      6x300    (JPEG, FITS)
20010223.1665    20.11  0.31   Rc     6x300    (JPEG, FITS)
We want to thank Arne Henden (USRA/USNO) about preparing the GCN observation report.