GRB 010412 observation at Nyrölä Observatory

grb010412 field with IPN-errorbox
(Full resolution images: North frame: FIT JPEG South frame: FIT JPEG)

We imaged most of the IPN error box (GCN 1036) of GRB010412 on the morning 
of April 14, 2001. 

Above is mosaic of two combined images taken with 16-inch Meade LX200 
telescope working at f6.3 and SBIG ST7E CCD through Johnson-Cousins 
R-filter. The red lines show the error box.

The south frame is summed from fifteen 240 s exposures 23:35-00:40 UT 
and the north frame is sum of ten 240 s exposures 00:44-01:26.  

Sky was clear but there was some interference from strong aurora display 
and lightening morning sky.

No new object was visible by visual comparison to DSS2, our images 
reach a bit deeper than DSS2. 

Harry Hyvonen, Marko Moilanen, Jalo Ojanpera and Arto Oksanen
Nyrola Observatory GRB team


© 2001 Nyrölä Observatory GRB team