GRB 020409 observation at Nyrölä Observatory

GRB020409 image

We observed the GRB020409 BeppoSAX error circle (GCN 1347)
at Nyrola observatory. Our 20 minutes (20 x 60s) V exposure started April
11, 2002 22:27 UT, about 34 hours after the BeppoSAX trigger.

Telescope: 16-inch Meade LX200 working at f5 + SBIG ST8E CCD.

The image shows no objects inside the BeppoSAX error circle 
brighter than the limiting magnitude of V=19.

Petri Tikkanen and Mika Aho
Nyrola Observatory GRB team


© 2001 Nyrölä Observatory GRB team