GRB 020819 (HETE 2275) observation at Nyrölä Observatory

GRB020819 image
FIT (average combined)

We observed the GRB020409 (HETE 2275) error circle (GCN 1508)
at Nyrola observatory. Our 80 minutes (20 x 240s) R exposure started 
August 19, 2002 20:31 UT, about 5 hours after the HETE trigger.

Telescope: 16-inch Meade LX200 working at f5 + SBIG ST8E CCD.

The image shows no new objects inside the WXM or SXC error circles 
brighter than the limiting magnitude of R=19. 

The bright star on the image is 4.5 magnitude Theta Piscium. 
There are also several internal reflections in the 
image as well caused by the very bright star.

Kyösti Lappalainen, Arto Oksanen and Petri Tikkanen
Nyrola Observatory GRB team


© 2002 Nyrölä Observatory GRB team