GRB021004 OT observations from Nyrölä Observatory

This CCD image of the GRB021004 Optical afterglow has been composed from 29 four minute exposures totaling 6960 seconds taken October 4/5, 2002 22:23-01:06 UT through Rc filter.

Copyright: Nyrölä Observatory, 2002

NUMBER:  1570
SUBJECT: GRB021004: optical observations at Nyrola
DATE:    02/10/04 22:10:45 GMT
FROM:    Arto Oksanen at Nyrola Obs., Finland  

A. Oksanen and M. Aho (Jyvaskylan Sirius ry)
report on behalf of AAVSO International GRB Network:

We have observed the optical afterglow of GRB021004 (HETE Trigger 
2380) as reported by Fox et al. (GCN 1564) with the 16-inch Meade 
LX200 telescope of Nyrola observatory in Finland.

Using the same R-band photometric zero-point as Fox et. al. (GCN 
1564), we find object magnitude as Rc=17.7 at epoch of October 4, 
2002 19:52 UT.

Further observations and image calibration is in progress.

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NUMBER:  1591
SUBJECT: GRB021004, Optical Observations
DATE:    02/10/06 17:59:20 GMT
FROM:    Arne A. Henden at USNO/USRA  

Arto Oksanen (Nyrola), Mika Aho (Nyrola), Kevin Rivich (Ft. Bend), Kim 
Rivich (Ft. Bend), Doug West (West Skies), and Doug Durig (Cordell-Lorenz) 
report on behalf of the AAVSO International GRB team:

We have observed the optical afterglow candidate
(Fox et al., GCN 1564) for GRB021004 (Shirasaki et al.,
GCN 1565; Doty et al., GCN 1568) from multiple observatories. The 
preliminary photometric reductions are given below; these measures will be 
improved, but indicate the datasets that are currently available:

   Date     UT  sec x n  fil  Site           mag
  021004  19:53  60x22   Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  17.90
  021004  21:24  120x10  Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  17.96
  021004  21:48  120x11  Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  18.22
  021004  22:25  240x9   Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  18.37
  021004  23:26  240x10  Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  18.41
  021004  00:13  240x10  V   Nyrola   0.4m  19.25
  021005  01:04  240x10  Rc  Nyrola   0.4m  18.83
  021005  01:28  60x12   CR  West     0.2m  19.0
  021005  02:08  300x3   CR  Cordell  0.3m  19.0
  021005  04:43  20x60   Rc  Ft. Bend 0.9m  19.2

Where CR indicates unfiltered measures, zeropointed
onto the Rc system.  Further observations are in progress.

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The combined fits frames are available on: