GRB021211 observations from Nyrölä Observatory

The error box of GRB021211 imaged December 11/12, 2002 22:25-00:54 UT through Rc filter.

Copyright: Nyrölä Observatory, 2002

A. Oksanen on behalf of Nyrola observatory GRB Team report:

The full revised HETE errorbox (GCN 1734) was imaged for 2.5 hours (2002-12-11 22:25 to
2002-12-12 00:54 UT, 11.0 - 13.5 hrs after the burst) under varying conditions. The
position of reported afterglow (Fox and Price GCN 1731) was examined carefully, but the 
afterglow had faded bellow the image limit of about R=20.  


The combined fit frame is also available: (768 KB)