GRB030227 observations from Nyrölä Observatory

The revised INTEGRAL error circle of GRB030227 imaged February 27, 2003 17:15-18:01 UT through Rc filter.

Copyright: Nyrölä Observatory, 2003

A. Oksanen on behalf of Nyrola observatory GRB Team report:

A 24 x 16 arcmin field covering the revised INTEGRAL error circle of GRB 030227 
(GCN 1896) was imaged with the 0.4m SCT at the Nyrola Observatory starting at 
February 27, 2003 17:15 UT, 9.5 hours after the burst. The 20 x 120s Rc-exposures 
were sigma reject combined and compared to the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2R). 

No new objects were found to the image limit of R=19. 

Full resolution files