GRB031220 observations from Nyrölä Observatory

The revised HETE SXC error box of GRB030328 imaged December 20, 2003 17:17-18:46 UT through Rc filter.

Copyright: Nyrölä Observatory, 2003

A. Oksanen on behalf of Nyrola observatory GRB Team report:

A 24 x 16 arcmin field covering the HETE SXC error box of GRB
031220 (HETE 2976) was imaged with the 0.4m SCT at the Nyrola
Observatory starting at December 20, 2003 17:17 UT, 13.9 hours 
after the burst under good conditions, but with high airmass.
Total of 21 240s Rc-exposures were sigma reject combined and compared
visually against the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2R) and by using software 
to find stars not existing on USNOA2.0 catalog. 

No new objects were found to the image limit of R=20.5. 

Full resolution images