XRF030824 observations from Nyrölä Observatory

The revised HETE WXM error circle of XRF030824 imaged August 28, 2003 20:40-22:35 UT through Rc filter.

Copyright: Nyrölä Observatory, 2003

NUMBER:  2379
SUBJECT: XRF030824: Optical observations
DATE:    03/09/04 18:42:16 GMT
FROM:    Arto Oksanen at Nyrola Obs., Finland 

A. Oksanen on behalf of the Nyrola Observatory GRB Team
and the AAVSO International High Energy Network reports:

Total of five 24 x 16 arcmin fields covering most of the HETE WXM error
circle of XRF030824 (HETE 2821) was imaged with the 0.4m SCT at the
Nyrola Observatory starting at August 24, 2003 20:40 UT, 4.0 hours
after the inital burst under varying sky conditions (some clouds and haze).
Total of 22 240s Rc-exposures were combined and compared to
the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2R). 

No new objects were found to the image limits of R = 17.5 - 19.0. 

Field        mid UT    exposure   limiting R mag
XRF030824     20:50    5 x 240s       19.0
XRF030824NE   21:15    3 x 240s       18.5
XRF030824NW   21:35    5 x 240s       17.5 (clouds)
XRF030824SE   22:01    5 x 240s       19.0
XRF030824SW   22:24    4 x 240s       19.0

The final combined images are available on the web with an image
showing the error circle and the sky coverage of each field:

The AAVSO International High Energy network is grateful for a 
generous grant from the Curry Foundation and to NASA for the 
financial support for the High Energy Workshops for Amateur 

Full resolution images